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Delphi Examples

Useful common-purpose algorithms
Launch applications and change them at runtime
Copy, paste, cut to/from clipboard, viewers
Using visual and non-visual components, events, methods
Tables, DB-aware components, aliases, indexes, queries
Set/get system time, date, use this data in applications
Use and detect monitors, printers, speakers and other devices
Detect, info, work with CD-ROM, HDD, floppy drives
Files, extensions, folders, directories, data
All about fonts: creating, getting information
Types, modes, locations, colors, preventing, icons
Use graphics, pictures, bitmaps, icons - imaging, copying
Create, link, use help files on various sections
Connections, mail, links, info about internet
Work and info about keyboard, mouse, joystick
Mathematical algorithms, numbers, functions and etc.
All, what you can't find in other chapters
Registry, access, preventing components, libraries
Create, link, use resource files and their contents
Create, delete any system processes, system situations
Information about your system, using this info
More for developers
Databases for Amazon Associates
Amazon Categories
Amazon Nodes